Cutting spinach and baby leaf

This harvester works with two rotating cutting discs. This way of harvesting has several advantages, including the fact that there is no harvest loss compared to the band saw. The Spimaro harvests the product from beds and also from fields. The product could be transported upright by a belt. It is also possible to choose for a shakingbelt which separates dirt and other undesirable products from the product.

The cutting discs ensure a tight cut image that results in the fact that the product could be harvested several times. The Spimaro harvests spinach and comparable products like babyleaf, multileaf, rucola and herbs. The Spimaro’s are able to harvest from 10 centimetres till more than 10 meters wide.

  • We continuously develop the Spimaro, refer to:
  • Integrated weighing units
  • Automatic fill-unit
  • Sensor-controlled cutting height adjustment
  • PLC control of the entire Spimaro

The Spimaro could be delivered in a standard way or customer-made. By placing a number of cutting units parallel, you could harvest a larger width and work more efficient. We also develop miniature Spimaro’s, so it is possible to harvest in greenhouses.

At this moment we have Spimaro’s in Spain, England and the Netherlands.