The Keeroo is a leveling assistant which could be used to level sand beds. The Keeroo is an ergonomic, timesaving and multifunctional tool. The Keeroo can be deployed in the construction of gardens and pavements. With this device you level the sand bed, which serves as a base for paving and planting, fast, smooth and tight.

First of all, the Keeroo is timesaving: you work more efficient. The Keeroo prolongs the working life of the user: in a standing position you pull the rod of the Keeroo and walk backwards. Your knees, shoulders and back will be less burdened. You work with a straight back with the Keeroo. The base handle could be adjusted in height, enabling any user to work in an ergonomically responsible way. The Dutch Health and Safety Inspectorate recommends the use of the Keeroo.

The excess sand, soil or gravel is easily moved to lower parts so the subsoil becomes all at the same level. The Keeroo ensures a uniform bed and because of the robust wheels there will barely be grooves in the sand beds.

The sand is evenly distributed across the pavement by using the broom. The broom has the same pressure on the pavement continuously. The rake can be used for evenly loosening soil and to rake in grass seed after sowing. The clamp is attached to the drawbar, the broom and rake can be inserted in this clamp and tightened with one bolt.

The different types Keeroo ensure that both precision and rough grading of rough terrain, riding schools and volleyball fields can be realized. There are various versions of the Keeroo: Keeroo 350A, Keeroo 120A, Keeroo 700A, Keeroo 1200A and Keeroo 3000A. The Keeroo hand graders complement each other, any working width can be realized between 35 and 300 cm. The Keeroo 120A has a fixed working width.

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